Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to Determine the Calories You Need to Lose Weight - For Men

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Weight loss seems to be an up and down, yo-yo, way of life - but it doesn’t have to be that way. Before you read on, please forget your preconceived notions of weight loss and dieting. Forget special diets. What you need to focus on, to achieve that goal, is your calorie intake, or, simply put, how much you eat.

What few people realize is that your body needs a certain amount of calories per day to just maintain a given weight. Here’s how to calculate how many calories
you should be eating per day. Ladies, the formula is the same for you, but with slightly lower multipliers. Yes, that’s not fair, but this is about biology, not equal rights.


Step 1

Determine if your activity level is low, medium, high or extreme. How much do you move around and do physical activity every day?

Everything you do burns calories. Sitting burns more than lying down, running burns more than walking. A good calculator can be found at

If your activity level is low, choose a multiplier of 11. Medium’s multiplier is 12. High is 13. Extreme is 14.

Step 2

Determine what your ideal weight should be. A calculator can be found here:
antoher way is to use a chart:
For this example, just to keep the multiplication simple, let’s say 200 pounds.

Step 3

Multiply your ideal weight times the multiplier. For example, if you have a medium active lifestyle, your multiplier would be 12. In our example, a man would need to eat 12 x 200 pounds, or 2,400 calories a day.

Step 4
Don't cheat. Count it all!
Don't cheat. Count it all!

Starting today, research every item of food you eat and record every calorie you eat. Estimate as you need to, and hone that number as more information becomes available. Websites such as list the calories in most foods.
Record your calories every day on a spreadsheet or a card.

Step 5

The good news is, this is not about cutting out donuts or pie. It’s about eating FEWER of those things.

Step 6

Repeat STEP 4 every day. You’ll have bad days, but simply go back on the plan the next day. Don’t let one slip ruin your whole plan. At first this will be hard to do, but it will get easier as the months pass. We know.
Mr. Turtledove has been doing this for 10 months and has lost 42 pounds.

Step 7

Now here is the hard part – keep doing this for the rest of your life.
If this discourages you, we recommend renewing the plan annually. Of course, you can and should adjust the program, depending on how active you are.

Step 8

As time passes, learn about healthier choices.
Be more active and you can eat more.
Adjust your eating habits to include more vitamins and fiber; and less fat and sugar.

Step 9

Get ready to have to buy new clothes. The pounds will melt quickly at first and the rate will slow down over time as you approach your target weight.
That’s normal. Just keep on going.

Food Calories List